The ConceptOur Technology

Ashima recognizes the importance of completing the supply chain & towards this objective has set up a modern, fully air conditioned garment manufacturing unit too. With this we have the full basket of products desired by the apparel industry, be it designs related to finished fabrics, finished fabrics itself or finished garments. Thus the full supply chain, starting from cotton from the fields, to the end product reaching the customer -all under one single large manufacturing facility.

The Facilities

To attain this objective, the company first started with Atrium, the product development division. Atrium has the capability to translate any & all apparel concepts to finish products. Equipped with cutting tables, all types of sewing machines, a fusing machine & a state of the art CAD system, it has a sampling room capable of generating prototypes of yet to be ordered garments, fit samples, size sets & sales man samples. It also boasts of a small garment washing facility & final finishing & packing capability. It has an in-house training center & is also manned with personnel for constant customer interaction. An archive & a purpose specific library are also present.

Ashima then ventured into its own full fledged garmenting unit. This factory is equipped with 440 specialty sewing machines, almost all of which are manufactured by Juki, which is widely recognized as a world leader in this field. Specialized machines like automatic GERBER spreading machine, Hashima & Kannegiesser Top fusing machine, Juki automatic pocket welting machine, Kannegiesser body press & Rotondi Legers & toppers as well as all type of rivetting & snap buttoning machines have also been installed. With this setup, flexibility is ensured in the manufacturing of any type of garments. This unit is manned with carefully trained & scrutinized employees & is capable of manufacturing approx. 4500 garments/day. It is a fully air conditioned unit with complete worker facilities and an eye on the environment in all respects.

The Product Range

The product range includes:

shirts, formal as well as casual
Trousers, Jeans, Capri
Cargos, Boxer shorts
Pyajama sets
Children wear of all types
Women wear and many more.

Over the years Ashima has catered to some of the most renowned international as well as domestic brands. The names would be a virtual who's who of the apparel brands.

The Finishing Capabilities

The company has also setup an in-house garment washing facility. This unit is equipped with capabilities of imparting any type of feel & finish, as desired by the customer, to a fully stitched garment. For cotton trousers a separate wrinkle free treatment facility has also been installed.
Our garment laundry is well versed to produce all kind of wet and dry processes like, the special processes on denim to create vintage look, used look, detailed design on denim to enhance the fabric appearance as well the regular processes like enzyme wash, stone wash, acid wash, softener wash etc. We also have expertise in garment dyeing, which is one of the most challenging area of garment processing. We also do dry processes like sand blasting, scrapping, pigment spraying and manual creations on garment.
To ensure that all garments dispatched to our customers meet the quality requirements, every part is checked before assembly & after finishing by a team of highly skilled personal. A final random audit ensures that the checks in place are performing to our utmost satisfaction.

The accreditations and certifications

The company is certified by various social compliance agencies like WRAP, which is widely recognized in the United States. It is also ISO- 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. Most major customers have performed their own audits & Ashima Garmenting unit has satisfied all the requirements of them to the fullest.