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For Group Ashima quality is the only password. Quality assurance perhaps assumes more importance than any other aspect for the group. And rightly so, because the discerning customers that the group services, would want nothing but top-notch quality.

Towards this end we have one of the best SQC Laboratories, any textile infrastructure can boast of.

Group Ashima is equipped with testing laboratory known as Lalita Hargovandas Research Centre. This research centre was established in 1996. This research centre cum lab is well equipped with ultramodern testing facilities and well-trained technical experts. Apart from this our lab is well conditioned round the clock as per international standard and is continuously monitored by a temperature - humidity chart recorder Well-known national as well as international garment brands/retailers have approved this lab.

Our lab is accredited by manufacturers to retailers, as we carry out in-house testing with high standard of accuracy and reliability.

The laboratory is involved in the testing of cotton, yarn, grey fabrics, dyes, chemicals, auxiliaries and different kind of fabrics at various stages of processing.

We have for cotton testing HVI-900 system, version 3.5 for testing length, strength, elongation, colour and micronaire; micro dust trash analysis – 3 for testing fresh, fibre fragments and micro dust in raw cotton apart from a host of other equipment for micronaire testing, fineness and maturity testing of raw cotton, Lea making for count, CSP measuring, count strength, count determination and the likes.

The yarn both in-house production and outside purchase undergoes severe test before weaving. The Uster Classimat III analyses the fault in matrix order of single ply yarn. The Uster Tensojet tests the tensile strength of yarn at speeds of 400, 200, 100 and 50 meters per minutes. The Uster Evenness Tester III checks the yarn imperfectness. We also have electronic TPI tester, Sigmascope Uster Tensokid and the like.

The grey fabric testing is elaborate too. The Alphatens’ tests the tensile strength of fabric at a speed of 500 mm./mints; the lea strength tester measurers the CSP of yarn. We have the stiffness tester, warp elongation tester, fabric stretch tester etc.

The finished fabric is tested for various fabric parameters as per international standard testing methods like AATCC, ASTM, ISO, etc. The finished fabrics tests are carried out for constructions, weight, percentage shrinkage, Skew/bow %, tear strength DP ratings, CIE whiteness, pH, abrasions, seam slippage, spray rating (for Teflon coated), percentage stretch / percentage recovery (for lycra contents), colour fastness. For this purpose host of sophisticated testing equipments all from well known suppliers matching world standards have been employed like Martindale (Abrasion Resistance, etc) , colour fastness like Megasol (Light Fastness), Gyrowash (Washing Fastness), Wascator (Dimensional stability), and Morapex (fabric core pH measurement).