Ethics, Sustainability and Environment

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a rather strong conscience. This is a major point of differentiation for us

Giving back – Initiatives towards a healthy society

At Ashima we believe in contributing to the society that nurtures us

For more than two decades, Group Ashima has been actively managing public parks and gardens as their exclusive sponsors in Ahmedabad. We have completely re-designed and re-furbished them with plantations, fountains, children’s recreation areas, jogging tracks, yoga spaces and illuminations. These parks have become daily destinations and vital nerve centers of urban lives of the city, for thousands of people.

Another major initiative taken by us is to support young cancer patients who are financially unable to bear the burden of their life saving treatments and at the same time who do not qualify for any government aids. This initiative continues round the year in conjunction with Gujarat Cancer Society.

Additionally the group also contributes towards initiatives that support slum clearance, city beautification, environment sustainability and preservation of the heritage and culture of India.

Health, Safety and Labour

  • We are passionate about only having an adult work-force and we abhor child labor
  • We actively promote safety in the work environment. We equip our workers with the latest health and safety accessories
  • We promote healthy working hours with 8 hours shifts
  • We insist on cleanliness in the workplace

Sustainability and
fair opportunity

Energy Conservation:

We actively monitor and repair equipment that exceeds energy consumption expectations. Eg, Air leakage repairs on our looms. We use high GCV coal which improves the steam to fuel ratio for better energy efficiency

High technology absorption:

We regularly replace older machinery with new technology to increase productivity and to decrease our carbon footprint

The Environment - We care

  • Effluent water treatment: State of the art plant which is 100% complaint with effluent norms at a world standard
  • Environmental pollution: Stringent pollution control norms: we have invented a technology that treats textile waste through enriched biomass. The biomass is then used as a bio-fuel that reduces air pollution

Accreditations and certifications

One of the few textile & clothing companies in India to have accreditations across the value chain ranging from quality to sustainability, safety & labour systems & compliances

  • ISO 9001 & 14001 – Quality and Environment Management System
  • GOTS – OCS – GRS Organic Processing Standard
  • BCI – Certified Fabric Supplier for Better Cotton Supply Chain
  • Oeko Tex Standard 100
  • Sedex SMETA 4 pillar
  • Higg FEM Index

Integrated environmental & quality policy

The corporate mission of group Ashima is to march ahead with the philosophy of “TEXCELLENCE” – Excellence in Textiles.

Ashima is dedicated to achieve “TEXCELLENCE” through excellent & efficient manufacturing operations supported by best customer services, by integrating its initiatives with concern for quality & environment.

Integrated environmental & quality policy
We shall achieve this by :
  • Committing to meet customer requirements.
  • Complying with applicable legal & other requirements & fulfilment of compliance obligations.
  • Setting and implementing our objectives and targets through internal monitoring and review systems as a driving force to derive continual improvement.
  • Establishing and sustaining processes and management systems which prevent or minimize pollution.
  • Encouraging our employees by in house training and to suppliers and contractors by communication to adopt good practices in the areas of quality and environment.

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