A Modest Beginning

Ashima’s debut goes back to 1982 when we started as a polyester yarn processing unit with a modest capital base of only $US
20,000. Fast forward 35 years and we are now one of India’s leading cotton fabric manufacturers

Building from the ground up

In the early 1990’s Ashima acquired a well known composite mill from Mafatlal Group and also Ahmedabad New Cotton Mills of the Lalbhai Group. Ashima brought in state-of-the-art technology and world class machinery to produce some of the world’s
finest wearable cotton fabrics

Fast-forward to today - Within a class of its own

We generate direct and indirect employment for over 3,000 people and have world class capabilities in cotton textiles. We
have invested heavily in terms of technology, design content, human skill sets, and customer service in
our textile operations. We own the entire value chain from yarn to fabric to garments

The ingredients of our success

  • Incredible Drive
  • Unbeatable Determination
  • Technological Supremacy
  • Global Quality Standards
  • Enterprise coupled with foresight and vision

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