A Corporate Philosophy, A Way Of Life

Texcellence means excellence in textiles

Excellence is at the core of everything we do. It guides our vision and our daily decisions

  • World class technology
  • Superior sourcing of raw materials
  • Rigorous quality controls
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Globally competitive marketing
  • Deep regard for the environment

Texcellence Fosters Excellence

The commitment to Texcellence translates into our products. We take great pride in offering unique customer solutions in terms of high quality fabrics and garments

The Texcellence Difference

This guiding philosophy has shaped Ashima into a single-window organisation offering an extensive range of cotton fabrics & garments, from design to delivery

Corporate Charter

  • Answers assess the present, Questions qualify the future
  • Decisions define the present, Alternatives aspire the future
  • Strengths support the present, Opportunities originate the future
  • Conclusions clarify the present, Analysis articulates the future
  • Solutions state the present, methods mandate the future
  • Success sustains the present, struggle sets the future
  • Abilities acknowledge the present, Attitudes ascertain the future
  • Outcomes orchestrate the present, Intentions improvise the future
  • Actions attribute the present, Commitment correlates the future
  • Realities rationalise the present, Dreams destine the future

Chintan N. ParikhChairman

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